SENECA performs consulting services for the public and private sector at local and international level. We have consistently proven our ability to help clients to improve service, increase efficiency and meet their operational and financial objectives,

Seneca’s experience in Romania began more than a decade ago in the years following the Romanian Revolution. Seneca was one of the first consultants to assist the Ministry of Transport with the restructuring of the railway sector to adapt to the massive social and economic changes underway. A series of projects addressed a wide range of challenges faced by the railways and its successor companies and agencies including: agency and corporate restructuring; legal and policy structure development; asset management strategies; workforce optimization and associated social support measures; management training; railway traffic scheduling optimization; property management and development; corporate marketing and commercial development and privatization strategies framework and support. As well as projects benefitting the ministry of transport, and the railway infrastructure, passenger and freight companies, Seneca expanded into the public transport arena performing a variety of feasibility, restructuring and financial strategy studies for the public transport entities in Bucharest. Seneca provides services to a number of private clients, including a variety of services related to railway transport operations for shippers such as GFR or industrials as OMV/Petrom.

Seneca has also performed market assessments and research for a number of foreign firms seeking to introduce their products and services into the Romanian market.

Seneca is experienced in performing projects financed by third parties such as national and local units of government and multilateral institutions, for example the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Union and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.