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Seneca operates in Romania and internationally, in the fields of consulting services for the transport sector: management, infrastructure, operation, technology and logistics. Our goal is to help clients improve service, increase efficiency and meet their operational and financial objectives.

Since its foundation in 2006, the company accumulated valuable know-how from its international partner SENECA Group LLC and has been growing continuously while participating in successful projects financed by the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. Today, beside transport sector, Seneca supports public and private customers in all sectors with assistance and professional expertise needed to develop new strategies, implement business opportunities, manage projects, analyze financial and operational aspects of their business and implement restructuring measures.


Seneca’s professional team offers a unique combination of hands-on local business experience, an expert understanding of law and financing, and considerable experience in relating business issues to the governmental process. Seneca is one of the few consulting firms that have participated in international railway privatizations as a consultant to the government and an independent investor and railway manager.

Our Approach

  • Understand the client’s environment and needs
  • Support the client in defining objectives
  • Establish a professional dedicated team to achieve targets
  • Commit to deliver solutions
  • Assist the implementation
  • 1Due Diligence

    • Rail operations
    • Market assessments
    • Financial analysis and costing
    • Revenue enhancement
    • Track and infrastructure
    • Capital projects
    • Asset management
    • Benchmarking
    • Start-up operations
    • Maintenance plans
    • Rolling stock evaluation
  • 2Restructuring

    • Analysis of the legal, regulatory and economic environment
    • Accounting standards
    • Business plans
    • Labor relations
    • Identification of investors
    • Safety reviews
  • 3Financial Analysis

    • Market projections
    • Loan preparation
    • Analyzing credit risk
    • Contract negotiations
    • Financial Reporting
  • 4Project management

    • Specification development
    • Project administration
    • Project scheduling
    • Project oversight
    • Contract negotiations
    • Safety testing and compliance
  • 5Technology development

    • Design
    • Specification development
    • Technology transfer
    • Cost estimating
    • Quality assurance services
    • Testing and commissioning
  • 6EU Funds for SMEs

    • Funding identification and feasibility analysis
    • Prepare applications
    • Cost benefit analysis
    • Environmental assessment
    • Feasibility studies
    • Business plan
    • Evaluation of the applications
    • EU project management