Reference Projects

Since its foundation in 2006, Seneca has accumulated valuable know-how from its American partner and has been growing continuously while participating in successful projects financed by the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

  • Metrorex / M6 Project Consulting services for preparation, design and works supervision related to Bucharest International Airport Rail Access Link Project (JICA financed).

  • MRT Jakarta Management consultancy services for Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit System Project (JBIC financed).

  • CFR Infrastructură / Romanian Railway Infrastructure Company Assistance with restructuring action plan preparation (EBRD financed).

  • Petrom Specialized technical assistance for railway modernization works at Petrobrazi Refinery and site supervision. Feasibility study for a yard management – wagon tracking system Project at the Petrobrazi Refinery (private financing).

  • CFR Marfă / Romanian Railway Freight Company Impact assessment of reorganization and restructuring; further measures to strengthen the company. Consulting services to identify and evaluate options for the company’s development strategy (public financing).

  • CFR Călători / Romanian Passenger Railway Transport Company Consulting services to identity and implement measures after restructuring. Consulting services to evaluate operation efficiency of the low traffic sections. Impact of the low traffic section reduction on the company’s performance (public financing).

  • CFR / Romanian Railway Company Business consulting services for the company’s management to evaluate and implement measures for company restructuring (public financing).

  • CFR Marfă / Romanian Railway Freight Company Consulting services for the company in two contractual phases (public financing).

  • Metrorex Business consulting assistance for the analysis of a rolling stock maintenance contract. Assistance with the renegotiation of the rolling stock maintenance contract (public financing).

  • Petrom Recalculation of capacities for loading / unloading stations and capital repair works for railway infrastructure revamp (private financing).

  • Consultancy services for EU funding applications Multiple projects for SME (private financing).

  • Petrom Technical assistance for personnel restructuring. Elaboration of technical specifications for AFER authorizations of the rail yard. Technical evaluation of the railway infrastructure. Investment plan (private financing).

  • JICA Special Assistance for Project Formation (SAPROF) for the Bucharest International Airport Rail Access Link Project (JICA financed).

  • Grampet Group MÁV Cargo privatization transactional due diligence (private financing).

  • Egyptian railway restructuring Restructuring and revitalizing the railway of Azerbaijan (World Bank financed).

  • Metrorex Technical assistance for short term measures to improve efficiency and effectiveness of Bucharest’s underground heavy rail system (World Bank financed).

  • Petrom Railway logistics consulting services. Multiple projects in the areas of restructuring, outsourcing / procurement, operational analysis, infrastructure assessment and legal / regulatory compliance (private financing).

  • Logserv Rail infrastructure assessment for industrial operations (private financing).