10 Years of History

  • SENECA GROUP INTERNATIONAL established as a commercial and professional partnership between SENECA Group LLC (30 years USA experience in transport consulting) and local Romanian consultant capable to bring in local expertise. During this period, SENECA GROUP INTERNATIONAL used the knowhow and foreign experts of SENECA LLC in order to develop jointly successful project in railway and mass transit systems in Romania and Eastern Europe, both public and private sector for large companies, by bringing together international and local management expertise. Important projects financed by World Bank and JICA were successfully completed jointly by Seneca Group International and Seneca LLC in Romania, Azerbaijan and Egypt during this period.

  • SENECA GROUP INTERNATIONAL (SGI) expanded its Romanian participation and developed new local projects by using more and more Romanian local experts. In the project for Metrorex (local metro operator) and Petrom (Romanian-Austrian oil company) SGI used local Romanian professional experts and concluded new partnerships with European consulting companies. In 2008 SGI developed its local activity by offering consultancy services for SME for application process in EU funding projects.

  • SGI continued its local growings and consolidated a very professional local team of experts who was the base of all services offered to Romanian railway companies, SMEs and other large private companies with activity in Romania. Due to highly professional services offered by SGI local team, the Clients requested multiple services from the same team. Dring this period, SGI became unique provider of consulting services for logistic and transport activity for OMV-Petrom group in Romania. SGI supported during this period the Romanian Government for the discussions and the negotiations with the IMF, World Bank and EU delegation in the transport sector.

  • SGI became 100% locally owned and maintained a very good professional relation with Seneca LLC., who transferred all the consulting projects to SGI. SGI continued its involvement locally and internationally in large infrastructure project financed by international financing institutions (JICA, EBRD). SGI is working for these projects in close collaboration with international partners from Europe and Japan but the resources offered by SGI are all local Romanian professionals.