Company Strategy

SENECA is a Romanian SME company, highly professional and innovative which offers consulting services to local and international public and private clients.

After 10 years of activity, SENECA will implement in 2015 a new strategy which is taking in consideration all the added value of the past, the company experience and existing professionals and the expected market changes.

The strong points of SENECA today:

  • 10 years of local and international experience, with transfer of know-how from more experienced partners; A pool of success projects completed which stand up in supporting company‚Äôs development;
  • local professional consolidated team which brings together experience and specializations in complementary fields: business, technical, financial, legal, marketing and IT; This team of experts worked together in many successful projects, understands local market and international projects and proves mutual trust and highly positive intercommunication skills;
  • an innovative management approach, a strategic thinking which can create and consolidate value in the future.

The weak points today:

  • A lack of investment at the Governmental level and political instability which make investments slow in private sector;
  • A highly competitive market in the consulting sector, even if not at the needed professional level;
  • SENECA is a small company highly specialised and focused on large projects which limit the management capacity to bring in and involve the existing resources in more services;

In parallel with serving existing clients and answer to the request for professional services in the transport field, SENECA will develop and implement a new dedicated service for local SME. This is a long term strategy, oriented to offer business management consulting services to private sector in 2 steps:

  • an initial standardised on-line service followed by
  • a detailed classic consulting service based on direct client- oriented solution;

The expertise offered will cover business, project management, financial, legal, marketing and IT fields.